I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. I grew up playing in bands and running sound for my youth group. I was immersed in music and live production from an early age. I started practicing piano first at age 12. Then I quickly added guitar, bass and drums to the list. The instruments that stuck with me the most were drums and percussion.

I am pretty in tune with the rhythm of music and that helps me mix tracks together while playing a variety of different grooves to keep everyone entertained. Music is a part of me and I feel it deeply, so dancing is also very natural for me. Couples frequently notice the enjoyment I get out of DJ’ing their event and it ends up being very contagious with their guests.

In 2009 I joined the US Army and attended basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Later in 2009 I was transferred to Fort Meade, Maryland where I studied Photography & Videography (Combat Camera) for the next 9 months being awarded Distinguished Honor Graduate for excellence in my class. I studied alongside photojournalists, radio broadcasters and more at the Defense Information School (DINFOS).

I also became quite experienced with Photoshop and Graphic Design. My time in the Army taught me discipline, showing up on time, giving my best and honoring those around me. I utilize those skills every wedding I work and it remains a strong foundation for how I conduct my business.

Since my years in the Army I spent 7 years as a stagehand setting up huge concerts and working with all aspects of stage production. Here I gained tons of experience running sound. I also set up and programmed professional lighting for events. Having worked with so many concerts, I learned over the years what it takes to put together and run events/concerts at a high level. This means your wedding will feel like a legitimate production.

I also spent 7 years as a radio DJ at “89.7 FM – The Classical Station” on the radio from 1-4pm EST every weekday. Aside from hosting the daily show, I conducted interviews weekly and put together videos with local classical groups. This gave me experience crafting my emcee skills to perfection so that at your wedding I’ll be able to comfortably host all events of the day, guide your guests effortlessly through each moment and provide a professional and warm experience.